What STIs We Test For & How You Get Tested

We know that the task of having an STI test sounds daunting, that’s why we’re here. So far we’ve managed to eliminate a lot of the barriers between you and an STI/STD test right? We’ve made it more convenient, awkward-free and cost effective, but we can’t remove that last hurdle for you, which is actually getting tested. Stigma Health can tell you it’s really not that bad though.

We offer testing for all of the following STI/STDs, however, our doctors will recommend on your personalised Pathology form which tests you should get. The tests are performed in the specified way for each.

Please Note

We, like all medical practices, are required by law to report some STIs to the Federal and State Government Health Departments. Don’t panic, it’s all about stats, nothing about you. The information provided to them will never be used to identify individuals with STIs to the public in any way.

Don’t Be Alarmed

No matter who you are or how you answer our questions you will be tested for HIV as part of your Stigma Health STI test. This is purely due to the seriousness of HIV and the importance of starting treatment as early as possible in the event of a positive result.

Let’s talk about sex

If you suspect you may have contracted an STI it’s extremely important that you do not engage in any sexual activity, regardless of your relationship status, until you know that you’re safe and not at risk of infecting anyone else.

Be Responsible

We know it’s awkward, but if you’ve tested positive for an STI it’s imperative you tell any past/present partners who may be at risk so they can be tested and treated too.

Do the right thing, stop the spread of STIs.

If you’re struggling with how to tell a partner or past partner Let Them Know is a great resource and you can even notify someone via Email/SMS/Letter from their site either with your name or anonymously.

Go Get Tested. Be Sure.