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STD & STI Testing Online - Stigma Health

Shattering the stigma

While our mission is simple, it’s doesn’t mean it’s easy to curb the rising rate of STIs in Australia. One main reason is people aren’t getting tested as frequently or at all, and we intend to change that. 

Why are we so passionate about making people pee in cups and get basic blood tests?

Let’s play a little game of Did You Know?

Did you know

  1. In Australian males, the infection rate in 2017 was 4 times as high for gonorrhoea, 3 times as high for syphilis and almost twice as high for Chlamydia, compared to 2008.
  2. 71k+ people who were diagnosed with Chlamydia in 2016 and were estimated to be a
    part of a much larger number of people who had Chlamydia.
  3. Between 2012-2016 the infection rate of Gonorrhea increased by 72% in males and 43% in females.

Startling stuff right?

Increasing numbers are not the only cause for concern; the impact of many STDs, like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are often underestimated. Even the most curable ones can have serious consequences, like infertility. 

If STI’s are left untreated, they can create life-altering outcomes, and it’s vital to us that every Australian knows it. Not to mention that you could unknowingly transfer them to someone you love. 

Find out just how serious these infections can be when left untreated.

So that’s why we decided to remove every excuse in the book.

With a Stigma Health STI test, there is:

Your Stigma Health Pathology test referral will cost you $34.99, your appointment at the Pathology Centre will take a small amount of your day compared to the usual process and your results are delivered to you securely and in the privacy of your own home and if you need more help we’re here for that too.

Play your part in decreasing the number of STIs in Australia, and get tested today!

STD & STI Testing Online - Stigma Health

Taking away the taboos surrounding STIs.

Sexual health is important, and in order to reduce those rising numbers, there needs to be an open and non judgemental conversation surrounding sexual health.

Anyone can get an STI in their life, but the lack of testing and knowledge about them builds barriers to open conversation. It’s for this reason; we strive to encourage and offer a flexible discreet service to get many people tested as possible and feel comfortable with their sexual health. 

Come on board, create conversation and help us break down the STI stigma.

Stigma health is more
than an STI diagnosis and treatment service. We also love to share fun sex
stuff and provide informative healthcare tips. Yet sometimes we just simply
love to muse over the marvels of the internet, because who doesn’t love a good
cat or dog video? 

Be part of the movement for reducing the risk of STI’s. Every revolution starts with a simple conversation.

What about all the other STIgma's?

In addition to STI’s, we hope to knock down stigmas attached to many other medical conditions that stop people from seeking treatment. We strongly stand for the convenience of your health care being as discreet as possible.

Our long term mission is to expand our services to cover many other simple medical processes that are often avoided due to inconvenience or fear of having that awkward conversation.

Go Get Tested. Be Sure. Be Negative.

STD & STI Testing Online - Stigma Health

Who is Stigma Health?

We are an online healthcare service that aims to make your life more convenient by eliminating the barriers like embarrassment and inconvenience, which often prevent people from undergoing simple medical tests. We started with STIs because they are a serious problem in Australia and are for the most part easily tested for and treated, but we will be expanding our service offering soon so stay tuned!

Can I get an STI Test through Stigma Health?

You can currently undergo a convenient and private STI test through us if you are in Australia and are over 16 years of age. Fit the criteria? Let’s get started.
If you are under 16 then we, unfortunately, cannot provide you with a Pathology Referral to get an STI test. We urge you to visit a doctor to arrange a test ASAP. Alternately you can visit an STI clinic or hospital clinic to get an STI test. If you want to talk to someone prior to doing so you will find the details for several Sexual Health info lines operating across Australia in our Resources section.

Why Should I get tested with Stigma Health instead of going to my GP?

Convenience, pure and simple. If you want to skip the trip to the GP, then the Pathology Centre then the one back to your GP for the results then we’re your solution!
If you get tested with us we deliver your Pathology Referral online and you only have to make the one trip to the Pathology Centre and that’s it, your results are delivered to you safely, securely and privately directly to your mobile phone.
Not to mention we’re saving you the awkward conversation!

Is Stigma Health legal?

Absolutely. The process may seem new and different to how you usually go about medical tests, but we are in full compliance with Australian law and Medical Board of Australia Guidelines for Technology-based Patient Consultations.