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Stigma Health is Australia’s online sexual health clinic. Get a Pathology referral for an STI test today.

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Limit humiliation, embarrassment and awkward face to face conversations, save time and money by getting your pathology referral online directly through us, rather than visiting a doctor or GP.

Pathology Centre Test

Take your STI test referral to your choice of anyone of over 10,000 Pathology Collection Centre’s – they’re located all-over Australia – and get tested.

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Receive your results within 2-3 business days directly to your phone. Super simple, ultra convenient and with complete confidentiality.

Why get tested?

If you’re sexually active, you should keep on top of your sexual health by getting tested every time you have a new partner or at least three times a year, regardless of your relationship status. It’s rare, but these infections can spread in other ways.