Quit Smoking

Every year, thousands of Australians die from diseases caused by smoking.  One in two-lifetime smokers will die from their smoking.  Smoking damages every organ in the body, and quitting smoking at any age gives benefits straight away and reduces the risk of developing a smoking-related illness.

To quit smoking, all you need is willpower; QUIT.HEALTH is your sidekick, bringing the planning and support to get you through this.


Smoking cessation treatment


Quit Health is a doctor supported program for quitting smoking. We use prescription medication combined with other support tools to increase your chances of quitting.

Who is QUIT.HEALTH for?

QUIT.HEALTH is for Australians, who are fed up with failed quitting attempts as well as first time quitters. Quit Health is here to help you quit quitting. Quit Smoking, Full Stop.

How does it work?

It starts with an online doctor evaluation to collect your medical history. A GP will then make a personalized recommendation based on your history and preferences. Quit Health will either send the prescription for Champix to your local pharmacy where you will purchase and pickup medication or we will  ship your treatment right to your door, we have to add shipping to the latter option but the pricing is PBS pricing so shouldn’t be different to your local pharmacy. Quit Health has everything you need to be a quitter.

How long is the program?

The Program of Champix is split, 12 and 24 week programs (3 – 6 months)
The first 12 weeks:

  • Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke by half during the first 4 weeks (weeks 1-4)
  • Reduce by half again the number of cigarettes you smoke in the next 4 weeks (weeks 5-8)
  • Aim to have stopped smoking on the last day of the 12 week treatment period-this is your quit date
  • Continue taking Champix 1 mg tablets for a further 12 weeks.

How does the smoking cessation medication work?

Champix contains the active ingredient varenicline and works by blocking the effects of nicotine in your body. There are receptors for nicotine in the brain. When cigarette smoke is inhaled, nicotine attaches to these receptors. This sends a message to a different part of the brain to release a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine gives a feeling of pleasure which only lasts for a short time. The body wants to repeat this feeling reinforcing the need to keep smoking. It is believed that Champix works by activating these receptors and blocking nicotine from attaching to them. Champix does not contain nicotine and it is not addictive.