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The Facts about Trichomoniasis

The Facts about Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a common, curable sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a microscopic parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. Trichomoniasis can affect both men and women but

Need Some PEP in Your Step

Need Some PEP in Your Step?

What is PEP, how does it work, & why would you need it? Chances are, if you’re at increased risk of contracting HIV, you’ve heard

Facts about STIs

Facts about STIs

Everything you need to know – but were too afraid to ask – about Sexually Transmitted Infections Sometimes it can be embarrassing to talk about

Is Bacterial Vaginosis an STI

Is Bacterial Vaginosis an STI?

The short, TLDR answer here is no… however, because of the nature and location of the infection, it is closely tied to sexual health and

Is Stigma Health legal?

Absolutely. The process may seem new and different to how you usually go about medical tests, but we are in full compliance with Australian law and Medical Board of Australia Guidelines for Technology-based Patient Consultations.

Why Should I get tested with Stigma Health instead of going to my GP?

Convenience, pure and simple. If you want to skip the trip to the GP, then the Pathology Centre then the one back to your GP for the results then we’re your solution!
If you get tested with us we deliver your Pathology Referral online and you only have to make the one trip to the Pathology Centre and that’s it, your results are delivered to you safely, securely and privately directly to your mobile phone.
Not to mention we’re saving you the awkward conversation!

Can I get an STI Test through Stigma Health?

You can currently undergo a convenient and private STI test through us if you are in Australia and are over 16 years of age. Fit the criteria? Let’s get started.
If you are under 16 then we, unfortunately, cannot provide you with a Pathology Referral to get an STI test. We urge you to visit a doctor to arrange a test ASAP. Alternately you can visit an STI clinic or hospital clinic to get an STI test. If you want to talk to someone prior to doing so you will find the details for several Sexual Health info lines operating across Australia in our Resources section.

Who is Stigma Health?

We are an online healthcare service that aims to make your life more convenient by eliminating the barriers like embarrassment and inconvenience, which often prevent people from undergoing simple medical tests. We started with STIs because they are a serious problem in Australia and are for the most part easily tested for and treated, but we will be expanding our service offering soon so stay tuned!